Lost in the woods - Pick one of these knives!

Sak farmer (wood saw very helpfull) followed by the 110 then the military. :)

OT - How are the trailmasters, I've heard their handles are prone to becoming loose after use?
I would take the Vic Farmer,to me just as sturdy as the other two,with the advantages of a saw and other implements.
I've cut some limbs and small trees with a sak that would be considered abuse for the para or the buck.IMO
Farmer -- *especially* if you were lost in cold weather in the woods -- the saw would be invaluable.
I forgot to add, for those of you who have winter camped, you will appreciate the real value of the SAK saw -- try to build a shelter or even cut small limbs when they are frozen solid with a regular knife blade -- esp if they have a lot of pitch in them -- you could "baton" with the para all day long :)
Current tally:
Paramilitary - 8
Buck 110 - 13
Vic Farmer - 35

Paramilitary - $190
Buck 110 - $62
Vic Farmer - $40

Of the three, Vic Farmer. Carry it every day. Use it camping/hiking every year. The saw and the awl 'git 'er done'.
I would be more comfortable psychologically with the Buck 110 due to its strength, size and solid feel, but I would take the Farmer because of its greater versatility.
As much as I love Spyderco (my Para-Millie) and my 110s, my SAK Farmer would be the folding knife, of the three mentioned, that I'd want with me in the woods.

+1 Farmer

man that' s a hard question..i would pick the farmer, the saw would be really useful, aswell as the reamer.
Any limb that the SAK saw can saw through (in any type of reasonable amount of time) could likely be whittled through (or even broken by jambing between two close trees and torqued) with a good lockback, IMO.

I respectfully disagree. That SAK saw is like a mini chainsaw. It's amazing what it can do. With some patience you can get through saplings up to even 3 inches thick. I've used it to cut down a christmas tree for example (just to see if I could do it). Not only would that take forever with a folder or even a decent-sized fixed blade, but a saw makes a much neater cut and, as mentioned, doesn't dull your blade.
If caught in the boonies, I would want the heaviest duty, easiest to sharpen blade I could get. In this case, the Buck 110 would be my choice.
Buck 110

I think the Farmer is too lightweight and the blade is too small for the versatility I am likely to need. The saw is negligible IMO and while the awl could be useful, I think I could make some nice holes with that clip point Buck as well.
The 110 is a no brainer when it comes to spending time in the woods. Any one who has truly spent time using their equipment where cleaning and some TLC is not an option, can vouch for the strengths of the 110. It's an American classic for a reason.
out of those three i would say go with the farmer, but there are alot of other knives out there that might suit ur purposes better