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Big brother? Distant cousin? It's missing my favorite texture but I finally got a prevail. Thanks to New River Knife Works New River Knife Works the 1/4" model is a beast.

The prevail makes DM#6 for me though I lost one to a brother from another mother.
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My current DM collection. If I make a sheath for it, it’s mine and it means that I love everything about it. 😁 Not sure why I am drawn to make IWB sheaths for the DM’s. It just seems right.
Maybe when I get a smaller blade from David, I’ll make a pocket sheath. Hmmm…


Thanks David! Excellent blades!

Sharp & Fiery Sharp & Fiery ,​

DM recommended you for making a sheath for an upcoming DM "sharpfinger type knife" .
Just a "heads up" in case I decide to have one made.
I really like the look of Your work.
Thank you for the kind words. I know David won’t mind me posting here…you can send me a PM if you would like and I also have a subforum if you haven’t had the chance to stop by. I know David’s forum is where it’s at! 😉😁
Mine just so happened to unexpectedly appear today. Wow. The burlap was a request by me of a slightly modified version of a folder. Nailed it. The green mini chooper was a test blade that I managed to claim first 😁. The chooper is so much more than I had anticipated in all good ways. Just under 6" from tip to scale, the size is perfect for large carry without being to much knife. It is remarkably perfectly sized. It also has a squarish grip that agrees with my hands and to answer the question of material I had the other week of what I prefer better: textured burlap or smooth suretouch. The answer is textured suretouch is awesome. If anyone needs it I have a white river firecraft 7 that needs a new home as it'll never be carried again. Seriously though I'll go trade it in at the knife store in the next couple of days. This pair I can quickly see becoming my outdoors pair if I'm not careful. I look forward to having a little time to properly test them.
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