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Prop pics. **Note- I modified that top handle- David does nicer work.


3 of my favorite Filipino Itak - Top was from a vendor, middle one I traded from my wife's uncle, bottom one was made to(roughly) my pattern with the makers twist.

I have four more designs to have David make for me :)

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Just got in these 3 in today to add to my kitchen set/ steak and paring knives. They couple well with my JA Henkels on both size and shapes. They are thinner so hopefully slice even better which is a tall ask as the Henkels are awesome cutting kitchen knives.

Fitting that I used my DM Bittyrang to open the package for the DM kitchen knives,

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Pics deleted to try and make enough room for new ones
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Very crummy lighting, sorry for that. Got a chance to use one of my DM kitchen knives for the first time tonight and sliced very well.

My wild game Jalepeno and cheese summer sausage (Javelina) has a very thick casing and can be a challenge for knives to cut efficiently/initially and is a pretty good test for their sharpness and slicyness. Sliced through it easily! Very happy with them.

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She likes it a lot. The handle being narrow and getting more layers exposed definitely makes it more interesting. Personally, I'm more of a black canvas, or burlap micarta kind of guy, but she likes green.

She really likes the hawkbill for doing invasive species removal though, sounds like she's subject to the envy of some of her coworkers using cheap pruning shears.
My riverhawk has now been used enough for EVERYTHING over the last 2 weeks that it no longer cuts very well. I can honestly say that it's held up extremely well to what I've asked of it. It has really changed my view of thin stock knives. I can recall a time not that long ago when I would have never carried a knife so thin let alone come to depend on one so completely. The last couple days I've carried it and my talwar xl. The talwar excells at being a folding kitchen knife and by no fault of it's own that is the only department the riverhawk falls short. Anyways I hope everyone has a great night.