Pictures here! Photo Thread

It’s been a long time since I posted my current DM knives…so today is the day.
I was lucky enough to score a custom DM modified Bowie from David as my newest addition. I said “Can we get rid of the guard?” David replied with “How do you want it to look?…Nevermind, I know what you like.” 🤣😂 He nailed it. I use all my camp knives for the camp kitchen so, I prefer them without guards.


As you can tell…I like my DM knives carried in a certain type of sheath. 😁


Happy Saturday to all. Hope you enjoy.
Been using these on a short trap line. The neighbor asked if I could trap some muskrats out of his pond.

Now I'm no Jim Bridger, but after several days, nothing...

I'm either doing something horribly wrong (and I've trapped muskrats before, it's not rocket science) they've vacated the premises, or he was seeing things.
First Blood (orange).

Pardon the poor pics, I'm no lighting expert. FYI, the scratches are the result of my sloppy free-hand skills and my coarsest diamond plate. It was an easy reminder of why I love AEB-L: 5 minutes or less and I've got a nice and crispy edge that breezes through everything. The subtle convex grind helps immensely.
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Onion juice and Frank’s Red Hot sauce to spruce up the ol’ EDC. Round one. Now we wait.



Working in the garage for awhile, had a couple Dm's to play with. The skinny fat doesn't lend itself to cardboard (sharpened top swedge takes to much care) but my bench tool is awesome. It's the cutoff from one of the daggers I was quick enough to claim (and David was nice enough to humor me). It is ridiculously handy for "not with my knife" tasks.