Pictures here! Photo Thread

cbach8tw cbach8tw , that one is a variant on the K-Slick design, except it was cut by hand instead of waterjet.

Maybe some day I will make folders.
EDChef XL has arrived, and as usual, pictures don’t do it justice. This handle is just exquisite. As I posted in another thread, it fits right in between my DMC Santoku and 6” kitchen utility knife and is definitely going to see a lot of use. Can’t wait to tear into some veggies. Thank you again, David - outstanding as always.

Flip Point continues to impress. Mine was made to be pretty robust, by my request, and it's a tank that can slice. I think I like it better than a traditional puukko for woods use, mostly due to David's flat-vex grind and the grip. I never remember to stop to take pics in use, but when whittling this thing throws huge chips.

You're very welcome, and thank you as well, from even the least central regions of my nervous system.