Off-Topic Share your animal friends!

Not sure where I heard it in my long ago teenage years, I remember something about a poodle with a Mohawk, had a very bad attitude, aren’t poodles temperamental anyway? 😜
Made friends with this frog. By "friends", I mean he hung out and wasn't scared of me while I was spending solo time by the shore. Yeah, solo camping can lead to talking to animals...

So, a month ago we brought home a new pack member... He came with the name Bolt, and we wound up keeping it because nobody could agree on a replacement.

On Thursday morning, as a way to exact revenge for not taking him out for a walk at exactly 5:00am, he decided to eat one of Ms. WW's bras. It was only his second or third night not being kenneled while we were in bed. Needless to say, after a $1400 bill, that's not happening again for a while.

Luckily we were able to suss out what had happened and the vet was able to get everything out with the scope instead of having to cut into his intestines. 🤦‍♂️
$1400. Did the vet have a black mask and a gun?