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Crap, what could you do? Try to buy them to get them back to Ken? Call the Police? which LE agency would be able to help? don't know about eBay (the company)'s willingness or ability to assist. people's account information can get stolen, and even if the seller were tracked down it may just be the victim of ID theft/phishing/spyware :(
Anything new on this? You'd think that as unique as all the knives were one or two would have popped up by now.:confused:
WOW, i am stunned. Anything new on this. I hope it wasnt TSA, but I do bet it was probably a baggage handler.

I remember this thread the first time. As much as I'd love an update, my gut tells me (as it did back then) that these beaut's are gone for good.
I've (thankfully) never had anything significant stolen from me, much less anything I've spent untold hours working at, so I can only guess how bad this must have felt. What a shitty world we live in sometimes. My thoughts go out.
There are a lot of collectors outside the U.S. That will buy from top American makers. Let us hope they will help rather snatch a bargin piece.
Probably some baggage attendant at the airport snooping though baggages.Easy way to make a buck is by stealing from those who are less fortunate.
Guys, I hate to say it, but you really can't check luggage in anymore unless you are ok with it being lost, damaged, or stolen. I know, it sucks, and you don't want to believe it. But many of us who travel know it is true. If you have to fly and take something with you (Ken Onion lives in Hawaii so it's not like he can drive there) then it's best to ship separately and insured. I'm not saying it's Ken's felt. But you can bet he was kicking himself after it happened and will likely never check anything valuable with the airlines again.

That's the reality of flying in America.
with the Shot show coming up, and still on my mind a local maker almost losing his entire display collection travelling back from Blade, a little bump...

a few years ago - around the time Ken's knives were stolen - someone stole my entire suitcase (clothing, scuba gear, etc) in transit. I arrived in Southeast Asia wearing winter clothes with nada to change into. My loss was small in comparison to his, but I can relate to how he must have felt. I never check anything of value anymore, but that's really not much of an option with knives...

Thieves are rotten scum...
to this day, Ken's suitcase is sitting in a storage locker somewhere, along with 90000 other bags, boxes, and items, ... all of them misplaced by gnomes...

Someone should get this in the media or something. Like have Chris Hansen or Dateline NBC start an investigation. Like purposely place obvious high value items in luggage with a security device (camera, or something else) and see what happens. I'm sure someone would want to investigate since Ken Onion is a victim personally.

P.S. Chris Hansen would verbally tear em apart in a professional manner.
WOW!! I can't believe it was almost 4 years ago now. I remember when this happened. I was hoping to hear of a good end to this:(

I had some minor things stolen and I would bet it was baggage handlers.

TSA is a fairly good paying job and those people are scrutinized. At BDL, the local airport, there was a sting operation on baggage handlers, and quite a few were caught stealing from bags. It had proliferated to an absurd level!

Yeah man I am never taking anything expensive with me on a trip unless I have it in carry on and even then maybe 1 or 2 things a camera and my itouch
One of the Mods posted that this thread warranted a "sticky"..i'd have to add whoever did this warrants an azz whuppin

Good Luck getting them back Sir...

God Bless