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Truthseeker-not So Good

If the scratches were there when the knife arrived, even if done during shipping, it should not be the buyer that gets stuck with the problem. The buyer should get a refund and the seller then has to after the shipping company if the shipment was insured. If not, the seller ends up getting stuck with the problem.

It would be very educational to see photos of the damage, and if I were in Paul's situation, I would also require photos before deciding what needs to be done.

I agree with that. I'm just having a hard time understanding how something could happen to it in shipment to cause scratches, yet wouldn't be immediately noticeable upon receipt of the knife. I would think scratches bad enough to elicit this kind of response from the buyer would be highly noticeable. I'm going to step out of this until pics are posted. I'm getting a little bothered at this point.
Judging from the e-mails posted, it would seem that wired45 was rather happy with the knife when he first received it.
sure happens a lot doesnt it??

if ya start a thread ya need to update the thing, if not why bother to post anything at all??
Who starts a thread but does not revisit, or at least subscribe to it? Especially one where you are making accusations against someone.
With nothing but a vague complaint, nothing to substantiate it (a la Franklin), and no follow-up, I'm assuming both the complaint and the complainant are thoroughly bogus.
wired45's last post was in another thread on the 7th, his last login on the 8th. His IP doesn't match Franklin's.
I Can't Wait For Your Next Post ! ! !

In addition to what everyone else has said about what one "should" do in terms of revisiting a post when he/she makes accusations against someone else, based on the above statement, you'd think he'd be here a whole lot!!!
168 of his 194 posts have been in The Exchange, too. I think he knows how this system is supposed to work.
Just received this email through the BFC system.

This is a message from wired45 at BladeForums.com: The Leading Edge of Knife Discussion ( http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/index.php ). The BladeForums.com: The Leading Edge of Knife Discussion owners cannot accept any responsibility for the contents of the email.

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This is the message:

just finished repolishing smog warden-i had to use a 3m metal polish and flitz to get the scratches off the surface of the knife.i should have waited to buy a new one,i can only blame myself for being in a big rush.i never asked you if it was a new knife,or not.Gerry

I was expecting to see pics of scratches, not this.

Garth at Busse told me they could touch up the blade for free if it was scratched. I would've been happy to have this arranged.

Also, I believe I was asked if it was new, and it was. :confused:

This has been strange. I'm going to take the advice of a wise man who said, "Make a note in the back of your mind--never again with this guy." :thumbup:
This really needs to be cleared up by wired45. Ignoring this will only make it look worse for himself. We all make mistakes. If he feels he should stick to his story he should further clarify things. If he stepped out of line, make it right, and lets move on. Just my 2 cents.
Wired45 can make a nasty public accusation, but wants his back out half-ass apology to be by PM?

Pretty lame.