Weirdest Knife Story

And he ran it across his hand, just the ultrasharp S30V tip. And.... nothing happened. I was really disappointed in the knife... but it was some sort of weird fluke... it still cuts like crazy.

So now there's a a few guys that probably think Spydercos ship a little dull...

Maybe the knife was too sharp to immediately open up a wound. This happened when I cleaned my katana:
I oiled it in the evening, wrubbing three times across the edge with a paper hankerchief. Went to bed.
Next morning, I was in the bus to campus, fumbling around with my mp3 player, when I noticed that my thumb was sore. As I inspected it, a fine cut sprang open. At first I thought, "hey, maybe it's the cold weather". :rolleyes: Then, a second, and deeper cut sprang open, :confused: parallel to the first, followed by a third and even deeper cut, from which sprang blood. :eek:

Thus, the sword's edge was so fine, that the two sides of each cut just stuck together until the next morning! Maybe the same happened to your friend, execept that HIS cut never sprang open? Notice that I didn't feel a thing when the cuts were actually made.
More likely, you were tricked, and the knife was never actually pushed hard enough against the skin to sink in.
Thus, the sword's edge was so fine, that the two sides of each cut just stuck together until the next morning! Maybe the same happened to your friend, execept that HIS cut never sprang open? Notice that I didn't feel a thing when the cuts were actually made.

I have had that same thing happen to me. I cut myself in a similar way and didn;t even know it. It wasn't until about two hours later that I felt some pain. While examining my finger, I "opened" a nice slice that probably would've stayed "closed" until it healed itself.... if someone could realistically go that long without putting pressure on the cut.
I am new to this site and even tho Iv'e been a collector for over 25 years Iv'e never really gotten IN to the quality of steels, handles and sheaths or the hard work it takes to make a custom hand made knife....but I'm learning.

This site is full of people WAYYYY smarter than me anout knives, steels etc and I am learning a lot about different aspects of knife making. I thought it might be fun to share on this thread the weirdest thing that's happend to you regarding the hobby of knife collecting and knife making. Here's my swear this a a true story.

Around 1980 I went to the Los Angeles County fair and was walking around with the family when I noticed a kiosk where a guy was demonstrating ( that time anyway) Spyderco kitchen knives. The guy and his wife slided and diced vegatables and meat (I bought 2 by the way) and were in the process of showing how thinly you could slice tomatoes...and there were about 50 people gathered around watching him.

All of a sudden this guy walks up to the kiosk and says to his wife and says."Hey look honey, this is one of those new knives that slice tomatoes but won't cut your hand when doing it" as he picks up a 6 inch red handled Spyderco and slices it across his palm. The guy doing the demonstration went white a sheet and his wife says " WTF are you doing"? as the guy sliced his hand right down to the bone. About 2 seconds later a stream of blood shot out of the guys hand like Old Faithful and he collapsed in shock and about 3 women in the crowd fainted, children were crying and men were cussing, women sceaming. Me and the Kiosk guy grabbed the guys arm and I tied a hankerchief around his arm to stop him from bleeding out as the Kiosk guy held his arm up in the air.

Luckily there were firemen on site and they called an ambulance as they took over from me and the kiosk guy. His wife was vomitting in the corner as families took their children away from the sceneand she was still saying ..WTF....Was he nuts...WTF......All in All a bad day for the fair...And I didn't get any funnel cake

OK. Your Turn :)

great story! spyderco should've caught it on tape to show how well their knives go through raw meat as well :D

"do not try this at home."
When I used to do flintknapping, sometimes a flake would drop somewhere on the floor.
Flint and obsidian will fracture with edges sharper then any knife.

Well one day I was walking around the house and my foot felt wet. I looked down and there were bloody footprints all over the house. I stepped on a flake without even knowing!

Other times I would wake up in the morning and my bed would have spots soaked with blood. The flakes are so sharp you don't even feel them cut. Thankfully, the cuts are so clean they heal real fast.
here is one told to me by a friend who camped out at a fundraiser where i had sharpened knives at that day. (this happened back in 1992). the funny part was the next morning after this guy went around showing people how sharp i can get a knife the day of the party. he was walking around the grounds showing people how easily it shaved his hair off his arm (the guy was so hairy he looked like a gorilla). all this time the guy was drunk and probably shouldnt have had a razor blade as my friend calls any knife i sharpen, in his posession. the next morning he hears a commotion and looks out. here is this guy with one arm totally bald complete with razor burns and one arm all hairy except for a few bald spots and some more burns. he thought someone had shaved him while he was asleep but my friend told him what really happened. later on after a few cups of coffee the guy told my friend he sort of remembers what happened. i wish i had been there to have seen this. it sure would have been a kodak moment.
I had a Randall knife in the late 60s with sawteeth on the back and the day it arrived I cut myself on the sawteeth which were sharper than anything I had ever seen, I had a table at the Pasadena Texas gunshow and laid it on the table along with 20 or so other knives and warned everbody about it, in two days about 25 people left my table bleeding after running fingers or thumbs down the sawteeth to see if I was telling the truth. The body count would have been much higher but I finally put it away. It alwys amuses me that when you tell someone somthing is very sharp ,they have to test it to see!!
I think there should be a rule for knife shows, must have proper knife experience like how to prove a knife is sharp without cutting yourself.

Although there wouldn't be very many funny stories of the idiots. I wish I had my own story these are funny.
not as good as that. But I work in a taxidermy (we mount dead stuff) we also use the victorinox paring knives well i was sitting down with a deer in front of me and skinning out the head. i was finishing up my Y cut when the knife slip and i stabbed myself in the groin/right leg area maybe an inch from the good stuff and went full blade into myself it F,ing hurt finished skinning and went to the hospital
Also, what is it with people who dont know how to hang on to a damn automatic? I let this one guy see a Frank Beltrame stiletto one day. He held onto the thing, pushed the button and the blade popped out hard, exiting his hand and falling right into the top of his bare foot.

I've had a few girls get curious of some of my autos and they get all nervous...push the button and when the blade pops out they freak out and jump.... like AHH! OMG! throwing the damn knife in a random direction!

when it comes to autos, I will personally hold the knife alot harder than usual, just s the knife doesnt come out of my hand. when a friend is looking at an auto, then i warn him to be careful. of course my frinds who like knives understand to be careful. i wouldn't let them touch my knives if they didn't

sadly i dont have any stories
If I'm remembering the ending correctly, The Little Black Bag by Cyril M. Kornbluth had a similar incident.

A doctor's little black bag from the future got time-traveled into our time. An old drunk of a doctor got it and realized it's futuristic power could put him back in business. He ended up with a sleazy partner, a young woman who used the bag for cosmetic surgery on rich old clients.

Then the bag's loss was noticed in the future and the power to it was shut off -- just as she was demonstrating the magical scalpel, that could cut out subcutaneous fat without harming the skin it passed through.

She slit her own throat.
I'm 40 years old. When I was in public school knives weren't a problem as long as they mostly stayed in your pocket and you didn't use them for foolishness. It was a better world before all this PC crap took over.

One day Kenny, a kid that sat in front of me, turned around and saw me sharpening the tip of my pencil with a small Buck knife (don't remember model). He asks me if it's sharp. I tell him that my grandfather had just sharpened it for me and yes, it was very sharp. He picked it up and shaved a patch of hair off his arm. He says "wow!" and shaves a large swath of hair down the length of his arm. He's sits there a second looking at his arm and the blade that's now covered with his hair. Then he wipes the blade off with his thumb....right to the bone. He does this sharp intake of breath as he realizes what he did, as I grab the knife, wipe it, and put it in my pocket. Then he clutches his thumb with his other hand, hides it under his desk, and asks the teacher if he can go to the bathroom.

"What for Kenny?" asks Mr. Moore (the teacher).

"I need to use the bathroom."

"No you don't Kenny, you just cut yourself with Luke's knife. You need to go to the office and get it cleaned up."

Everyone in the class turned and looked as Kenny got up and left with blood leaking from his fist. Then Mr. Moore told me to keep it in my pocket or don't loan it out. Sometimes teachers could be cool.
Another time in high school science class a guy named Johnny Bounds borrowed a Camillius army pocket knife from me right before the class started. We had these black, chemical resistant tables with sinks and stainless steel outlet covers in the room.

Halfway through the class I happened to look across the room and see Johnny with my knife out. He had the screwdriver blade open and was taking the outlet cover off. Why, I'll never know, but he only loosened the cover and then sticks the end of the screwdriver under the cover and starts fishing around. I watch in disbelief while my mind is yelling "WHAT THE F*** ARE YOU DOING?" Then there's a loud POP and bright flash. Johnny flies back off of his stool with a grunt, the outlet cover flies across the room like a frisbee, and everyone turns to see what happened. Then I see, right in the middle of the floor in front of the teachers desk, my knife spinning about a thousand rpm. I jumped off my stool and ran and scooped it up before it gets seen....and almost drop it because it is sizzling hot. I run back to my desk juggling the hot knife and throw it in the sink. Amazingly, no one except a couple of buds that sat at my desk sees me because all the attention is on Johnny.

Johnny the dumb-butt was unhurt except for a numb hand and tingly fingers. My screwdriver had about a quarter of an inch melted off the tip. I never let him see another knife of mine.

*sidebar* Johnny had several close Darwin calls in high school. One time in shop class he was trying to get the rust off a large bolt on a 3 h.p. Baldor grinder with a wire brush on it. It got pulled in, went around the safety guard several times and shot out the back end with enough force to go through a piece of 3/4" plywood behind the grinder and dent the exterior wall panel of the metal shop building. Sounded like a gunshot going off in the room. He got licks from the shop teacher for being dumb enough to be using the wire brush on something small (a big shop no-no) AND for denting the building.

Another time in the same class he got to horsing around at the top of the stairs to the storage. There was a loud bump, bump, bump.....and when we turned to look it was Johnny coming head first down the stairs with his chin going bump at every step. After it was determined that nothing was broken he got licks for horsing around.

Same class, another time, he's sitting inside the engine compartment of his 64 Chevy pickup tightening the battery cable with a Snap-on box end, gas-line wrench. Fizzzz Pop! as he touched the end of the wrench to the underside of the hood and welded the wrench firmly to the battery and the hood. Ruined the wrench. Yep, he got licks for that too.

Yet another time after doing some work on the truck in shop he gives a little impromptu exhibition burnout after backing the truck out of the bay. He forgot it was still in reverse. Loud rev of the engine, screaming tires on the hot asphalt, flying gravel, and the loud crunch FWOOOSH as he hits a fire hydrant. Even better is the backend of the truck was stuck in the air a foot and a half with the tires still going in reverse when he jumped out. What a show! Everyone emptied from the school to take a look at that. I don't remember if he got licks for that, the teaching staff might have already given up by then.

Things were rarely dull and often life threatening around that Yahoo. I could write a book of short stories just on him. Unfortunately, Johnny wasn't the exception in my high school class. There were way to many "johnnies", all just as exciting and dangerous in their self-immolating ways. Looking back at it, I'm sometimes amazed we managed to live and have now procreated.

Sorry for going a bit off topic. Got started and couldn't stop.
He got licks from the shop teacher...

...he got licks for horsing around...

...Yep, he got licks for that too...

...I don't remember if he got licks for that...
Wow, there were a lot of licks being given out at your school. :D
Every day I see this odd habit.

After looking at the cheap knives, people will grab a Benchmade Griptilian, or Mini-Griptilian, marvel at how nice the blade/axis lock is, then run their thumb DOWN the side of the blade, parallel to it. Inevitably they stop as they see a layer of skin being shaved off and the white-hot pain hits. I always nod encouragingly and say: "It's pretty sharp for a factory edge, eh ?" and they always nod back weakly trying to grimace back the pain.

Why do people do this ? I understand lightly running your thumb perpendicular across the top to feel the edge, but why would you run your thumb down the side of the blade like you're intending to slice a section off ? I just don't get it.

If it wasn't for the chill down my spine when I watch people do this day in day out, I might actually remember once to ask someone why they test a knife edge by cutting the pad of their thumb off.
I find these very odd. Even back when I was a little 4-year-old, I always had a healthy respect for a sharp knife blade, and never felt for sharpness by running my thumb down along the blade; I always lightly felt for sharpness across the edge. Nobody had to tell me this; I knew nothing about knives, but yet even then I knew not to run it parallel to the edge. I've been careful. And yet throughout the years, like any other knife knut, I've suffered my share of minor and one moderate accidents and cuts. But these dummies seem to be purposely trying to injure themselves. I'll bet after these dummies cut themselves they probably blame the knife.