What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

Apr 16, 2019
The Case yellow belly. Tony Bose design.


Jack Black

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Dec 2, 2005
Thank you Jack!!! That's certainly a sweet setup you have today; looks delicious!:D

Friday was overwhelming with the wonderful traditional knives on this thread! My Saturday totes will be be a 4 bladed BB Winchester slicer and a 1946-56 Imperial toothpick.:)

Thank you very much JJ, a couple of lovely old knives you have there :) :thumbsup:

Nice pic John :) :thumbsup:

Sunset with my HHB Lambsfoot. :)
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Absolutely smashing Dave :) :thumbsup:

Delightful Steve :) :thumbsup:

We're headed to the rocky mountains for vacation, and I thought it appropriate to take this favorite little gem with me as my main knife.

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Have a great time :) :thumbsup:

@JohnDF - I like them a lot John. I have a couple of them - both in dark African rosewood. Although they have two blades, they are no thicker than the Stag Hartshead which should not come as a surprise taking into account the thick bolsters of the Hartshead. I like that extra pen blade as it can come in handy when picking out a splinter or lifting one of those dang tamper resistant tags on some products.

I'll leave you with another picture of one.


Great to hear your thoughts Ed :) :thumbsup:

Sowday ....huh

OK you two.....i'll bite


Beautiful Gev :) :thumbsup:

That is a big attractive pen blade. :):thumbsup:

It's taken from the NAAFI knife made in Sheffield post-WW2 :thumbsup:


Ed, you're a bad influence ;)

Got mine in the pocket today as well.


But only for the day... Have to go knifeless again this evening for night 2 of the Eric Church Double Down Tour. Great seats last night, and can't wait to see where they put us tonight!


Nice Mike :) Have a great night :thumbsup:
Jun 5, 2009
Suddenly deep in meditation. That knife is flow :D
Ha! Thanks Gev. I’ve no response for that. You got me. Always love seeing that old Sow of yours. The bone is perfect!

Great shot of your Camillus beauty Nick; maybe offering a knife with a "swell" will appease the surf gods!:thumbsup::thumbsup::eek:
Thanks JJ! I’ve been toting the 72 swell center all week but I guess the surf gods aren’t too happy about it since the waves have been tiny all week! You and @Gevonovich with your Sow’s, very nice! I love the saber ground blade on your Imperial toothpick.

A couple of oldies today

Happy Saturday everyone ! :thumbsup:


Love that Case Steve!!

5K Qs

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Jul 20, 2014
My two Thursday totes are both pen knives; an EE Robeson from 1922-39 and a sleeveboard Crucible from 1926-29.:)
Aged and A-1, JJ!

Today with me.;):thumbsup:
A knife worthy of acclaim, José!

I’ve got probably 4 hours of yard work today! :thumbsdown: I’ve got a beauty and a beast to help with any cutting chores my Cub Cadet and Stihl won’t handle! ;) :eek:
Aces, Ron!

Admirable Case jack and adorable surfer duck, Jer!

A couple of Camies today :thumbsup:
Advantageous duo, Steve!

View attachment 1199035 View attachment 1199036 Hmm. Talk like a pirate?
How about...I don’t believe that flat earth stuff, but just in case, you get up in that crows nest and sing out if you see the edge. Fall asleep, and you’ll walk the plank. Stay awake, and there’ll be an extra ration of rum for ya. Argh.
Ancient and alluring piano keys to accompany your singing like a pirate, Jeff!

A Canoe was the only appropriate pattern for today. We're good so far, only about 5" of rain at the house between Tuesday and Wednesday. Just a few miles SE on the other side of town and into Brazoria County they were 10-17", so we feel blessed. Praying for the people in NE Harris, Chambers, Liberty,and Jefferson. They're seeing 3" to 5" an hour rainfall rates right now. Awful. Hope everyone else on BF is okay.
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The canoe is amazing, but the rainfall sounds awful, Chris!

Some buffalo horn today :)
Appealing feathering on your horn lambsfoot, Mike!

In anticipation of a new addition today, I've gathered a few red sawcuts together. ...
Fine Red Sawcuts Dylan . Good luck on your quest for more my friend .
If you don't mind , some incentive pictures for you .

Dylan and Harry, what an arresting accumulation of red sawcut!!

I took these three knives on a walk in the woods today.
Dean, your Ancient, Farmer Jack, and Swayback Jack are an aristocratic trio!

This just in off the exchange, a few licks with stone and stick, and into the pocket it went. Thanks again, Colin!
Congrats, Jeff; that looks astonishingly smooooth!

I was just thinking... On a knife forum, should it be "Walk 'n Talk" like a pirate day?
Aye, that knife snaps like Capt'n Hook's crocodile!
Astounding relevance in your pirate humor, John & Rachel! :D:D

My most treasured knife. A clamshell stag teardrop that John Lloyd made for me. It's one of a pair. View attachment 1199165
Awe-inspiring knife, Alan!

I've been out of the loop for a bit here on the Porch, but you can bet that I've still had a (traditional) knife in my pocket every day! :D Been carrying this one a lot lately.
Good to see you and your attractive TC, Barrett!

Been pretty sick lately and have neglected this thread, but the Texas jack was in my pocket when I got sick and I just never thought to pick something else.
It's getting a lot more patina now with all the extra fruit I've eaten'.
I hope your ailment abates ASAP, HnS. Auspicious Texas Jack!

I like that BSA knife. :cool: :thumbsup:
Thank you GT. Love that BSA. Scouts Honor!
Certainly! I believe that pattern also came with pen or awl blades, as well. I don't recall seeing a white covered Imperial BSA; very cool one!:thumbsup::cool::thumbsup:
Appreciate (and agree with) the comments, John & Harvey & JJ.

And fibonacci ratios too :D:p:thumbsup:
An august, and golden, topic, Gev!


- Stuart
Lean and mean slicing machine, Stuart!

Thanks, GT. "Casper the Friendly Ghost" :D It's interesting how if a blob of mustard or lemon juice sits on a blade for a little while, the steel will patina an outline of the blob. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the liquid blocking air from oxidizing the steel except on the edges where the acid and oxygen are both present...

I'm glad you're getting some use out of it. The other day I went to open a can of olives and realized my can opener was all rusty and cruddy (it's hard to clean under the little wheel thingy) so I just started using the can opener on my GSA knife, so it's living in the kitchen now. :):thumbsup:
Interesting conjecture about mustard patina, and it makes sense. Here's another example of "mustard blob" results:
I should probably try using a scout knife can opener for the canned dog food. My wife won't allow the good can opener to be used on dog food cans, and the one she permits for such usage is a piece of junk!

For my Friday totes I'll have a couple Keen Kutter black composite slicers that look to be made on the same production runs as the first Camillus BSA scout in 1946-49; a jack and a stock knife.:D

1st Camillus BSA scout.
Striking trio of black synthetics for Black Friday, JJ!

Carrying these two today :thumbsup:
That Buck stockman is a great choice for Black Friday, Jack!

Got the flu, so I'm staying at home. Just this one in my pocket now.

I hope the flu flees soon. Appealing texture on the higonokami handle!

Totin' these two Black Beauties for Friday
Salutary sable set, John!

Do you have special powers, Dan, or is Photoshop involved in these amazing wildlife pics??

Awesome pic, Dave! Is that an old photo, or do you still have so many lovely blooms in your garden in late September?

Sowbelly of the Week is a Rough Rider model with smooth tobacco bone covers:

Stockman of the Week is a Schrade 897UH (thanks, Dean):

- GT