What watch do you wear?

Discussion in 'Gadgets & Gear' started by kershaw22, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. myemptymind

    myemptymind Gold Member Gold Member

    Oct 5, 2012
    Its an Oris, not sure the model. Bought in 2004 when i was still in the military. Keeps good time for an automatic.
  2. Razorsharp-Travis

    Razorsharp-Travis Banned BANNED

    Aug 16, 2011
  3. docbp87


    Mar 20, 2012
  4. brettdean


    Jan 5, 2013
    Suunto Ambit, black.
  5. chopridesanRC51

    chopridesanRC51 just happy to be here... Platinum Member

    Jan 6, 2008
    My new favorite watch...This thing is a beast!!!

    Sinn U212.jpg
  6. RkyMtn

    RkyMtn Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 24, 2009
    I have a few watches I had managed to acquire when the economy was working. My most worn watch is the Omega Seamaster Titanium. I am still amazed at all the different watch styles that exist, and I only like very few of them. Omega's style and size just works for me and I really dig the look.
  7. Piso Mojado

    Piso Mojado Basic Member Basic Member

    Jan 11, 2006
    Seiko SNKE63

    seiko1.jp;g.jpg seiko2.jpg
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  8. SilentJohn


    Feb 11, 2008
    today it's a old omega sea master that was my gramps
  9. Sparky750


    Jan 16, 2013
    Hey guys I've been lurking here for a while now and I've just realised some of you guys like your watches too (it was a recommendation on a watch forum that led me here)
    Current list is
    Rolex Seadweller
    Rolex YachtMaster
    Rolex Daytona
    Lum-Tec tungsten carbide
    Sinn U1
    And of course a solar atomic Gshock

    The Seadweller is my daily wearer for over 10 years now the others change as something else catches my eye, I'm on a strict 5 over £400 watch diet :eek:
    I hope I don't become as obsessed with knives as I am with watches don't think I've seen a watch on the thread that I haven't owned at some point :eek: I'm off to look at my first decent knife tomorrow after loosing my little leatherman knife during a house move.
    Just thought I'd say hello enjoying reading the threads and learning loads but my sights have moved from another leatherman knife to a techno or sebenza now that's like going to buy a timex and coming home with a Rolex :D off back into the shadows with me anyway cool forum guys.
  10. Took


    Jan 23, 2013
    Suunto Vector
  11. hatchetjack


    May 24, 2005
  12. lava_lamp


    Oct 5, 2006
    Put this up for sale and wearing it today before its too late. Wouldn't be heartbroken if it didn't sell.

  13. sierra11b


    Mar 22, 2005
    Rolex 216570, 116234, 14060M, 16710, 1675, Tudor 79090, Speedy 3570.50, G-Shock, and a few Seikos... SNDA57, SKX007, MM SBDX001

    I'm expecting a Dornbluth 99.1 similar to this in March! :D (picture borrowed of course)


    Some old pictures of some of the others...
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  14. Mr-No


    Jan 3, 2013
    i like my Sinn-Watch ,
    the best Factory from Germany

    © by Mr-No
  15. Piso Mojado

    Piso Mojado Basic Member Basic Member

    Jan 11, 2006

    Orient CER0008D Sapphire Snorkler, my Submariner homage. A great $90 beater watch with two weak points: crappy lume and a cheap-o bracelet. Sure, those links are solid, but the clasp was a cheap stamping, and the head of the little bolt the safety catch pivoted on just snapped off one day.

    What to do? A good bracelet was more than I cared to spend, but I still liked the watch. Then I had an idea.


    Bond. James Bond.


    I want everyone with real Rolex and Omega watches to keep posting those pictures. You're an inspiration to the rest of us!

  16. Charlie Mike

    Charlie Mike Sober since 1-7-14 (still a Paranoid Nutjob) Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider

    Nov 1, 2000
  17. Took


    Jan 23, 2013
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  18. lava_lamp


    Oct 5, 2006
    New to me. Just got a leather strap for it and breaking it in.

  19. Took


    Jan 23, 2013

    This one has been all over the place and it shows [​IMG]
  20. goosefacer


    Mar 18, 2010
    Just got this one

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