What's happening in the David Mary Custom shop?

I got through packaging up yesterday's sales without further bloodloss.


I have six on the bench, presently prepped for the drill press (the bottom on is spoken for by a friend). The daggers are AEB-L, the ringers are 15N20 which I tucked away after grinding, seems like over a year ago, and nearly forgot about, and the necker is LC200N. It is the last of the batch that was originally planned as a keeper, but I have two LC200N customs I made for myself (Prevail and my necker that bit me on Monday), so I don't think I can justify owning a third. I'm going to let it go towards the bills.

And while I was in the shop I thought I would snap a pic of one of my "courtesy to the neighbours" measures, i.e. the sheath of foam (i.e. cut up anti-fatigue mat) and duct tape I made for my dremel to dampen the high pitched whine it makes.
I'd been keeping the finger uncovered the last two days, and a nice protective scab had taken shape. But for the shop work, I bandaged it up, lest I bang it into something. Well, I did bang it into my vise of all things. Good thing for the bandage. But I kept working for a bit, and then came inside to change bandages and get ready to go out and put money on my prepaid Mastercard. Being covered, the wound retained moisture, so the scab has softened back up, and while it is not bleeding it is very tender. It's been sore ever since I whacked it in the shop.

The good news is that when I return from my bike ride to Money Mart I will have the two daggers and little necker cured and ready for handle shaping. I'll probably finish prepping the 15N20 ringer handles first though.
I remember recently when you were making one of my knives, the belt came off and flung the knife at you and you almost lost a finger.

The measure of a successful career is that you retire with all your fingers!! Be careful 😬

This is true.

That is all I am willing to say on this subject as I still have some years left in my trade. Haha. Don’t want to jinx it!

Glad to hear that your digit is starting up the healing process!