What's happening in the David Mary Custom shop?

Now here is a dagger I was working on today, which is based on a design I made off the cuff previously:


This one is a good deal bigger, 5.5" long and quite wide blade, .140" stock, it's going to be a real all rounder. Large, slicey, but with tough AEB-L steel and a slim Micarta handle with brass for that classic look and lightning fast action. And it is already spoken for.
I've been talking offline with David about the one I have commissioned. Going to do a black canvas micarta handle. That way it doesn't take on animal odors after I use it skinning.
Nice and will do with David.
Black linen micarta/brass, thinking the same, with our other resource down here, the abundance of fish we have.
Supposed to be nicer weather tomorrow, so hoping to cut these then. I still have some time to figure out the layout and possibly add a design or two. Maybe I'll double down on Prevails, since I love that one so much. One Barax machete is extra too, so either destined for the exchange, or for someone to intercept. Unless I suddenly get requests for like three or four more smaller knives before I gut to cutting.

Ready to cut by angle grinder. As you can see this is a pretty big job. Lots of straight cuts have to be carefully planned, and then I can start shaping them individually. Also, it is much less efficient material usage than waterjet, laser or plasma. But hey, it's nice out.

So far so good. I ended up removing too much material on the Prevail XL handle, so I will probably change up the plan and do it as a hidden tang so I can still give it the right handle shape. Will touch base with the client first. And those ulus are tricky. I have some careful refining left to do on the bottom one's handle for sure, and the finger hole is yet to be enlarged on the hunter. But what we have below was pretty done as a straight shot, with breaks just to change discs or adjust the workpieces. I hate to use the angle grinder so much since it's so loud, but it accounts for a very small percentage of my work, and now it's mostly out the way over a single Wednesday afternoon. Pretty reasonable, all things considered.

Just the knife.
Refilled my prescription of shipping boxes after hitting the jackpot at Walmart.

Got a crazy workout in the process (7 km bike ride)

Assuming a knife 12" and under, I brought home enough cardboard to ship literally 100 knives.