What's happening in the David Mary Custom shop?

Try it with coconut oil next time. ;)
White linen micarta
Blood Red liners
Blood Red pins
Xtra Thick Bombproof AEBL

I wish I had the parts.... Might be a while before that one gets made. I just got dinged unexpectedly on a couple things, so can't put the money out for the stuff I need just yet, but remind me down the road?
Ok ok ok, just hear me out.

White linen micarta
Blood Red liners
Blood Red pins
Xtra Thick Bombproof AEBL
Everything, but the red pins.......

Idk what I'd think is better????
Stainless would accent the blade, ballancing the shiny
I'm very excited to share that I have been asked to make another of my favorite large knives, the Barax. So far there is a lot of room left on this 15N20 sheet, but that will change next week. I have a self-imposed deadline of Friday to cut these and get them to Andy for heat treatment. Still not sure what all will be made from this sheet, but my heart soars like a hawk knowing that at least one of these Baraxes will be making its way into someone's collection. So if anyone wants something, get to me soon, or I'll just fill it with ... something. The stock is .140" thick 15N20, a very tough L6 analog that holds a good edge and resists corrosion better than your 1095s, 8670s and O1s.

15N20 Barax.jpg
Prevails.... EDChefs.... Tantos.... Daggers..... so many things this steel can do well. What will it be?
Didn't notice at first that one had a slightly shorter handle.

Jarod's plasma cutter software had just been updated, and it changed a setting without informing him that it did. So some of the blanks came out a little clipped. All salvageable though. But this is an example of the result.

Also noticed that you used 2 pins on some, and 3 on others. Is that based on the material used, or aesthetics, or both?

More just whim.
David, you absolutely knocked these out of the park. I’m astonished! Thank you for the kind note, made me spit my coffee out 🤣😂
The more I think about it, the better I like this idea. The handle would need to be other than wood though and not apt to collect water for the tool that it is.

I was over at a friend's house and seen this one time in Damascus and that blade looked really cool. Nice pattern.
I've been talking offline with David about the one I have commissioned. Going to do a black canvas micarta handle. That way it doesn't take on animal odors after I use it skinning.
Murphjd25 Murphjd25 hopefully no sensitive electronics were harmed in the spitting of the coffee! ;)
By the way, can you guess which design inspired this dagger? ;)

A little background: Someone approached me after I posted my interest in obtaining a DEK1, and through the discussion we agreed I would make him a dagger in exchange for an extra DEK1 he had. But I had only made less than a handful, so I went looking at designs, and I feel it's a fitting proposal that a knife to be traded for a CPK should itself be inspired by a CPK. 🤷‍♂️

Anyway, Jarod cut these out for me, so because the dagger was slim and there was a little room left after the commission, I asked him to fit as many as he could on the sheet. But for the record, I am not planning on making more of this exact configuration.
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