What's happening in the David Mary Custom shop?

Now to decide on handle materials for these 8670 knives I've ground today. The top one is super thin edged but from stout .225" thick stock. The filets are 5/16", and will also be very thin behind the edge.

Once again I beat the snowblower. A different neighbour this time, with an even smaller driveway. #Snowshovelforlife.
Monkey wrench in the plans. My belt grinder just died. I have ordered another, and now have to find a few things to sell in the meantime.
Yikes, unfortunately an oft used piece of equipment like that isn't going to last forever... I feel your pain my friend.
It's been a long time coming, I think. It's out in all temperatures, and over the last month, I noticed it sometimes wouldn't start, and I had to re-flick the switch. It's possible I might get it running again, but not taking the chance. I have put off getting a backup for too long anyway.
Alright now that I have a few sales posts out there, let's see if I can finish Bumblebee Sam with my other tools.
Andy came by to pick up the 15N20 blades, and evidently knows more about machines and electrical than I do. We took the bottom plate off, I vacuumed the dust out, we took the connections off the switch, reconnected them and it's working again. Let's see how long it will last. I still have the other one on the way just in case, but Andy advised me if it dies again maybe just buy a new switch and see if that takes care of it. And at least for now I can keep working.
By the way, this was the shop this morning, before I shoveled the driveway.


Here is a pic I took after vacuuming out the dust from inside the grinder, so I would remember what goes where:


Before I dremel a handle, I contour the edges on the belt grinder, and then I like to put a scallop at the pinky. Here is how the process was looking when I thought I didn't have the grinder, and tried to use the dremel instead.

By the way it took me a good couple minutes to get that far. Here is the other side, after about three seconds of contact with the wheel on my grinder, after we got it working again:


And here's how Sam is looking now that I got through both the belt grinder portion and the dremel portion of the handle shaping.

Bumblebee Sam is sold! I have three filet knives to handle, and two of them are already curing. One is OD Suretouch, one is burlap with double canvas Micarta liners and black canvas pins, and the third..... I have been instructed to make it red G10
And thank you for dropping by with your words of encouragement!