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Look what someone found

Discussion in 'FEEDBACK: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!' started by 3Guardsmen, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. Spark

    Spark HPIC - Hatas gonna Hate Staff Member Administrator Super Mod Moderator

    Oct 2, 1998
    Ok, so let me understand this correctly then:

    Mick Strider, who's military career isn't what he said it was, who can't keep his story straight about his injuries, who makes claims repeatedly that don't bear up under scrutiny, is just some dude who has his shortcomings, and we shouldn't hold him "accountable" for his actions. Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone, right?

    Yet, you yourself in the past threads, have made it abundantly clear that you are taking your business (previously done with 1SKS) elsewhere, and apparrently encourage others to do the same, because I had the audacity to collect all this in one spot. Apparrently, I should be punished and am not worthy of doing business with for saying "hey, these stories don't add up" and showing why? I'm called a "snitch"? So, I should pay a price, even though I'm not the one who actually did anything wrong?

    For that matter, I've seen repeated calls for boycotting Cold Steel because of this, but that people should "buy American!" instead, because somehow it's an "American" value to misrepresent your credentials? To not tell the truth?

    Your own example shows that people not even directly involved in Tillman's death will be paying the price for the actions of their subordinates. That is the nature of accountability.

    Tell me, why the double standard?

    For that matter, why can't anyone answer my very simple question: When is it ok to lie about your military career? When is it ok to steal valor from those who served?
  2. Allan Molstad

    Allan Molstad Banned by Moderators Banned

    Feb 1, 2007
    There is a very good reason why this was given to us...
    It keeps us from being worse than the very thing we hate...
  3. Spark

    Spark HPIC - Hatas gonna Hate Staff Member Administrator Super Mod Moderator

    Oct 2, 1998
    So it's better to say nothing, than to bring deception and misdeeds to light? Blake said something about that...
    I've made no calls for punishment, or requests for judgement. I've presented facts, with citations & documentation. Y'all can draw your own conclusions.

    There's a big difference between recognizing "wrong" and becoming "wrong" or worse. In 100+ pages of attacks against me, I think Gollnick documented 21 seperate arguments used against me, casting all sorts of stones. The witch hunt was very impressive, as were the double standards. Yet, even after all of that nobody could really attack my arguments. Makes you wonder.
  4. MikeC


    Sep 16, 2005
    I would feel that I have been misled and taken advantage of, no scratch that errr flat out lied to so that someone could benefit from me financially if I bought there product based on a total lie. You can say what you want, but everyone here knows deep down thats just not right. He may be great man, he may make great knives but he's been lying to people for profit. correct if I'm wrong but weren't we gonna send the ceos from enron and tyco or didn't we send some of these people to jail for doing the same thing. Allbeit the scale is not the same he in essence has done the same thing by profiteering off of an out right lie and from the looks of things it appears to have been intentional. I don't care for Strider or Cold Steel products either way it doesn't matter to me, but if I had bought a knife from that guy I'd want my money back. If this is true and its real hard if not dang near impossible to fake us federal court documents this guy could have a class action law suit brought againest him for false advertising with massive amounts, actually all people having purchased any of products um lets see ever, demanding and probably being entitled to a full refund. Any attornies out there, not to worry if Mr. Strider is from Cali, theres enough sharks out there that make their living off of plantiff work and class action theivery sooner or later some attorney will file suit on behalf of everyone that purchased a knife or any other product from him.
  5. dakotared


    Dec 17, 2005
    OK, let's try this one more time. Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal, commander of the Joint Special Operations Command is not going to pay the price for the actions of his subordinates. He was "accountable for the inaccurate and misleading assertions” contained in the papers recommending that Tillman get the Silver Star award. I am sure the Lt. Gen. has a long and distinguished record and yet, like many others of us with shortcomings, he was responsible for assertions which may have been designed to embellish and cast a more favorable light upon the organization he was a part of, even though this was certainly a heroic death without the embellishment.
  6. Jim G.

    Jim G.

    Oct 2, 2006
    Unfortunatly there was nothing heroic about it he was killed by friendly fire. He was a great person and this should happen to no one but if he hadn't already been famous most of us would have never heard about it and he would have just been another unfortunate casualty of things that go wrong on the battle field.
  7. Allan Molstad

    Allan Molstad Banned by Moderators Banned

    Feb 1, 2007
    The danger comes to us when we seek only to cause someone harm, (and when seeking to forgive another is not even on the table), thats when we actually risk becoming worse than the very thing we thought we were attempting to stop.

    Thats why we are so warned against being a gossip and rumor speaker...

    It's not that the gossip and rumor is not true, (indeed in many cases the gossip is VERY true), but we cause harm to ourselves in our blind zeal to defend our position.

    Zeal's friend is anger,,,"rightious anger"..
    and bitterness...an unending bitterness.

    The Cold Steel website that we all was linked over to is clearly a Zeal-fed site and is a sign that the person who set up that website has turned his life and future reputation over to his zeal to get back at this other guy.

    But blind zeal make a poor rudder for our lives.

    Because it blinds a person to more important matters such speaking out for forgivness and other actions that would lead to a healing and an understanding heart amoung men.....

    In my own life:
    I get attacked on-line all the time for my views.
    But I cant control others. I cant help it that the Internet is filled with people that just seem to love to cause others harm,,,
    I cant stop some guys from the way they seem to clearly enjoy bringing others down.

    But I can stop their attacks from changeing me.
    I can take their best shot, (something clearly aimed at causeing some type of harm) and I can turn to them and show them that their actions have had no effect on me at all.

    This is why we are told this lesson, "He who is without sin..."
    Because if we dont listen to that lesson, we become worse than the one we picked up stones to kill...
  8. dakotared


    Dec 17, 2005
    I guess in my mind anyone who willingly gives up their life in service of this country, no matter the circumstances, is a hero.
  9. Allan Molstad

    Allan Molstad Banned by Moderators Banned

    Feb 1, 2007
    Well in a way you are right, but on the other hand, we dont want to lower what we mean by the term "Hero" so much it become meaningless too...

    To die for one's country makes you a hero, thats for sure.
    But it's not the way to become a hero that any of us wants for our sons in the Army.

    A man died because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time when someone else messed up...is he a hero?

    Well, we respect and regret the loss of his life.
    We totally honor his blood...we understand that the blame for the loss is calling out to us to answer.

    But we also know that in every war, we have always had a list of men who were killed by friendly fire...
    This is the way life is...
  10. Spark

    Spark HPIC - Hatas gonna Hate Staff Member Administrator Super Mod Moderator

    Oct 2, 1998
    I see. So you are saying when someone actively tries to do someone harm, with zeal, it's a bad thing? You know, like when Mick Strider lied about Chris Osman's military history? Or said that Maxpedition was spreading information about his family? Or said that I was responsible for the trolls in his forum here, and a "cock sucker" and that this site is a "shit hole"?

    Yet, all of that is suppossed to be overlooked when all that is done is that his background inconsistencies & such are highlighted?

    Hey Allan, where were the talks about how "zeal" is bad during the hundreds of posts attacking me, or anyone else for that matter? A bit of a double standard there, don't you think?

    Sorry, but I'm not buying it. At some point you have to say "enough is enough" and recognize bad things for what they are.
  11. DXC


    Dec 20, 2004
    There is no such thing as friendly fire, think about it.
  12. dakotared


    Dec 17, 2005


    Quote from another thread:
    Originally Posted by Spark
    Almost every post you've made in this thread has been a shot at me or my business. If you feel your business is better served elsewhere, by all means, do so. If you feel that lying should be rewarded, and calling it out punished, be my guest. Let the real witch hunt begin.

  13. Allan Molstad

    Allan Molstad Banned by Moderators Banned

    Feb 1, 2007
    What Im saying is that I cant change what another man seeks to do against me.
    If some guy in this life wants to cause me harm, he can speak and do all kinds of things.

    My challenge is to not allow such things to change who I am, the way I am, and the way I will be in the future.

    Eye for an eye, leads to just more and more blindness..

    But seeking to forgive, seeking to be a peacemaker, seeking the ending of endless bickerings between men,,,This is the higher calling.
  14. dakotared


    Dec 17, 2005
    It is indeed an oxymoron.....
  15. Spark

    Spark HPIC - Hatas gonna Hate Staff Member Administrator Super Mod Moderator

    Oct 2, 1998
    How very ironic, that you see my calling out your attacks against me & my business, because I exposed a liar, as a call for judgement against him. I made a declaration: if you feel that way, be my guest. I don't ask you to make a stand otherwise: I succintly state my view of your actions. You stated, publicly, that you felt I should be punished for my posting this, and lent your support to Mick Strider, even to the point of stating you just purchased an "Ajax". You quoted twice that it's not the "critic" who counts, etc. Is this an inaccurate recounting? Do I misread the plain English of your postings?

    For that matter, sir, you hoist yourself on your own petard and show your double standards... after all, why are you interested in taking shots at me if you are going to say "let he who is without sin cast the first stone." As I've said before, there have been some amazing hypocrisy displayed; are you sure you want to take the "do as I say, not as I do" path?
  16. CT96


    Feb 16, 2007
    .....guess some people won't be happy until someone does a Boorda.:rolleyes:
  17. masterduck


    Mar 7, 2006
    wow....now even i as a long time lurker has to say something....
    regardless what mr. strider has done, what cool steel doing here is just disgusting.:barf: i will never expect a well known company to do something like this.:barf:
    shame on cold steel thats all i can say.

    damn... i even feel shameful of owning on of their folder now...
  18. dakotared


    Dec 17, 2005
    Words are words Spark..........

    Additionally, I believe you are overstating my "attacks" against you and your business. In fact I publicly declared what great service you folks at 1SKS have provided me over many years.
  19. Allan Molstad

    Allan Molstad Banned by Moderators Banned

    Feb 1, 2007
    The lesson that should be our guide in this Strider situation is this :

    They dragged a girl before the Master who was clearly guilty.
    They raised their voices against her.
    They had all the facts on their side..
    Their hearts were filled with the zeal that comes when you think there is no chance you could be in the wrong.

    At this part of the story, we should question what side we are going to be on as it plays out.
    Are we with the ones grabbing rocks?

    Because there is another side too, a side that seeks a different aim.
  20. Spark

    Spark HPIC - Hatas gonna Hate Staff Member Administrator Super Mod Moderator

    Oct 2, 1998
    Ok, dakotared, fair enough. If I'm overstating your "attacks" they how about you eliminate any ambiguous nature of your words. I'll ask you a couple very simple questions: When is it ok to lie about yourself? Is it a good thing to pretend to be something you aren't, or to mislead others? Is it a bad thing to say such behavior is wrong? Should I be punished for highlighting such behavior; documenting it with citations, direct quotes & paperwork?

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