Useless knives

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Come on, you could always use those as a paper weight or a conversation starter.
For an example of that from Victorinox, there's the Equestrian, which works fine...except they put the hoof pick right next to the tooth pick. Would have been better just to omit that one or put an extra set of tweezers in it or something. If you ever actually used the hoof pick you'd never want to use that toothpick ever again. :D

Real cowboys wouldn't mind at all.;)
Because they are not useful for much. One is only for show and if you cut anything with it, the material/food/etc. would gum up in the blade (and does). The other two are just odd with limited function due to handle and also blade shape. I love Spyderco (favorite company) and am happy they like to push the envelope. However, sometimes they leave me scratching my head wondering how some designs ever made it to production.
I have a Q. That blade IS annoying to clean but I wouldn't be using a tiny serrated knife for food prep anyway. Other than that, gtg.
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