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  1. AcridSaint


    Jun 23, 2006
    Specific suggestions/complaints/moans whatever:

    Facebook connect/platform apps -
    Many BF people don't use FB, others like me absolutely despise FB platform apps and website integration. I would suggest disabling platform apps all together:

    Stickies -
    It's just plain too hard to see where the stickies end and the posts begin. I would suggest a bold font and a different, darker background color for the sticky posts. A separator of some sort would be even more awesomer.

    Started by -
    The started by + started date is the first thing your eye goes to now instead of the last replied date/time. I don't know if anyone else cares about this, but I look at thread times sometimes to see if it's been updated since I last visited and it is now confusing because I naturally want to read the started by information instead of the last replied info.

    Large print -
    The large print version is -great- for browsing the forums and thread headings, it's too big for thread reading. The vbulletin standard seems to be just fine for thread body, but it's absolutely freaking painful for viewing a list of threads or the list of subforums. In contrast, the large format does a lot for viewing the thread and subforum lists, but makes the actual threads clumsy.

    Subforum list -
    The page that lists the subforum categories:
    Is hard to read because there is not enough separation between each subforum title. Borders, dividers or just more space between the lines would help with this.

    Usernames -
    Just too small in threads.

    Quick reply box -
    The default box is too small. It's nice that it can be expanded by hand, but a slightly larger default would be great.

    General suggestion -
    If you have to do another major software rev I would suggest rolling out a beta version for testing and feedback. This is a two (actually three) birds with one stone approach:
    1. Users can give feedback like this before software goes live.
    2. At least some subset of the user community (and your mods) will be familiar with the new software, allowing them to assist other users in transitioning.
    3. You are able to test the new software and work out installation problems and site bugs before they impact the user community (less down time, fewer problems complaints with ads/search/style etc).

    I'd actually further suggest rolling back to the old software and putting this in beta for a few weeks/months to give users time to switch and give you time to fix the problems without complaints.

    Just my thoughts.
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  2. JTR357

    JTR357 Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 10, 2007
    I like it too.
  3. AcridSaint


    Jun 23, 2006
    I'd like to say it's much easier to see the differentiation between stickies and new posts in the large print version.
  4. alex


    Oct 12, 1998
    The pages seem to load quite a bit slower under the new software than the old one. Granted I have an old computer but I do have 6mb broadband internet service. I an using IE7 and Windows XP.

    1. Is this new forum software a much larger download than the old forum software?

    2. Is there a way to disable the Facebook link at the top that seems to be slowing my forum page download. I looked though all the setting pages and did not see any way to disable that link.

    Any ideas or advice appreciated.

    And THANK YOU Spark for your hard work
  5. u812

    u812 Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 15, 2002
    I would like to see all the FB stuff gone.
    I have a FB account but rarely log in.Not a very secure site either,had someone from Washington state try to log in to my FB account a couple days ago.Had to get my account unlocked and change my password.I was going to close the account but I have a couple family members that I only have contact with through FB.
  6. Rat Finkenstein

    Rat Finkenstein Gold Member Gold Member

    May 18, 2005
    My advice would be use a decent browser.
    I deleted the facebook links with adblock plus on Firefox.
    I haven't noticed slower loading, but I do not use IE.
  7. u812

    u812 Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 15, 2002
    I am using Firefox 4 but have no option to block them.
  8. Spark

    Spark HPIC - Hatas gonna Hate Staff Member Administrator Super Mod Moderator

    Oct 2, 1998
    Yes, that's because Default view hasn't been edited because it's the Default view. I can stack it, probably, but right now I've got other priorities like getting thread display options working. It'll have to wait for now.

    This isn't constructive criticism, just fyi. I'm working very hard to fix what I can. The broken links are a priority for us. Colors are secondary. SQL and the interface are two entirely different issues.

    If you don't want to renew, whatever, but until then be patient.

    I'll see what I can do. That's going to require some template editing a bit more complex than right justifying a section because the various elements & vbphrases need to be massaged since they have to be moved from section to section.

    That's the vbAdvanced interface which makes up the site home page. Notice the different format when it handles the page numbers and such.

    Look above the quick reply box. There's breadcrumb listings there.

    Forum > Service & Support >Tech Support, General Q&A, Site Feedback & More > (Thread title)

    Click on any of those sections to go to that area
  9. lostzebrastripes

    lostzebrastripes Therefore, you will... NARFLE THE GARTHOK!

    May 31, 2010
    Try the above link.
  10. Spark

    Spark HPIC - Hatas gonna Hate Staff Member Administrator Super Mod Moderator

    Oct 2, 1998
    For those of you disliking the brightness, what do you think now?
  11. lostzebrastripes

    lostzebrastripes Therefore, you will... NARFLE THE GARTHOK!

    May 31, 2010
    Looks good in faded pink.:D
  12. Esav Benyamin

    Esav Benyamin MidniteSuperMod

    Apr 6, 2000
    Yellow for post headings and quotes and light blue for the basic background look good. Still plenty of contrast with the lettering.
  13. lostzebrastripes

    lostzebrastripes Therefore, you will... NARFLE THE GARTHOK!

    May 31, 2010
    Try using Inprivate Filtering with IE.
    Just go to Inprivate Filtering Setting, select Choose Content to Block or Allow, highlight the Facebook selection (there are two, but you can only select one at a time).
    Once you've selected Facebook click the BLOCK button, do this for the other Facebook selection, and then hit OK.
    One thing to remember though, every time you log online you are going to have to turn on Inprivate Filtering.
    Unless I missed the constant on button somewhere, that's the only issue I've had with it thus far.
    Hope this helps.
  14. Modoc ED

    Modoc ED Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 28, 2010
    Hey, the brightness is a good thing for a 67-year old fat man, I don't have to squint in order to read the text against some God-awful colored background.

    It's coming along fine Spark.
  15. AcridSaint


    Jun 23, 2006
    I don't use IE either, but I don't think anyone should have to switch their browser to use this or any other forum :/

    I do think the new coloring is easier on the eyes.

    I didn't see it earlier in the thread, but I do agree that the "vbAdvanced" look is way better to easily sort out the threads. Does vBulletin not have that style for the regular forum?
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  16. Karda

    Karda Banned BANNED

    Jun 1, 2007
    I still have to lower my brightness and contrast to almost nil to be able to bear looking at the screen.
  17. Rat Finkenstein

    Rat Finkenstein Gold Member Gold Member

    May 18, 2005
    I think something might be wrong with your monitor. What are you using?
  18. Karda

    Karda Banned BANNED

    Jun 1, 2007
    It probably is my monitor, rat.
    It's a KDS usa -K717.
    I've tried recalibration and all and it's still a POS.
    It's funny though, i didnt have to do this on the "old BFc"
  19. u812

    u812 Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 15, 2002
    It is looking good on mine.Background is not as bright white as it was,blue colors are still ugly,just too many blues going on.
  20. Balislinger


    Nov 11, 2003
    I'm running NoSquint on Firefox in one of the grey background settings and readability/ease on the eyes is much improved. I recommend it. I've got dark grey for unvisited links and gray/green for visited links. I still prefer the navigation of the old version, such as the way subforums were organized more vertically under headings rather than grouped horizontally.

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