tundratrader-where are my knives?

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Jan 30, 2010
I think TT is a good guy and did ship the knife. Being the manner in which it was shipped doesn't surprise me,it wasn't received.


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Apr 16, 2011
Yep. Here's how it would go down:

JUDGE: "Kromanm, did you pay for the knife and do you have proof?
KROMANM: "Yes, your Honor"
JUDGE: "Kromanm, did you receive the knife you paid for?"
KROMANM: "No, your honor, I did not."
JUDGE: "TT, did you receive payment in full from Kromanm and did you mail the package to him?"
TT: "Yes, your honor."
JUDGE: "TT, do you have any proof of shipping the package to him?"
TT: "No, your honor."

JUDGE: "My ruling is in favor of Kromanm. TT, pay Kromanm in full"...judge smacks his gavel....."Next case!".

All done in five minutes.

Yep, exactly.


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Oct 2, 2010
In NYC aren't they called rats?

I don't know man. If you'd seen some of the rats I see on the subway; the size of dogs. You wouldnt risk catching one and even if you did you wouldnt eat them (irrelavent of how hungry you are).
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Apr 15, 2011
I'm just gonna throw out some things to consider. Keep in mind, I'm on neither side, I'm Neutral.

TT sent the knife as requested- $40 used camping tool, so K wouldn't have to pay fees. (Bad on both their parts.)
TT can't find the customs form for tracking (Bad on his part, but after six months, understandable while it may be un-responsible.)
K had ample time to file a complaint through Paypal if he never got the knife. (Bad on his part.)

Who's to say K got the knife, but is trying to scam TT?
Who's to say TT never sent the knife trying to scam K?
Who knows...

One thing we do know is that they both made mistakes and or are trying to screw each other...
Or some Dbag customs worker stole the knife...

Everyone should take note of this, and learn a valuable lesson...

I also think the trading/buying/selling forum rules should be updated as Spark sees fit.
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Jul 22, 2010
With that thought in mind I think I have better things to be dwelling on than two grown men unable to work a knife deal out. Do they really want to find a way, I'm not sure?

29 of your 69 total posts have been in this thread. Do you really have better things to dwell on???

Esav Benyamin

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Apr 6, 2000
29 of your 69 total posts have been in this thread. Do you really have better things to dwell on???

Discuss the topic, not the other members.

And on that note, this thread will reopen shortly when we have substantive news to report.
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Dec 19, 2008
By Using logic here is what I deduce from reading all of this.

TT Got funds , shipped knife and somehow lost or misplaced all paperwork relating to shipping it overseas.
Kromanm, sent funds has reciepts has been in constant contact looking for his knife..

As a seller TT has not been helpful in assisting Krom in sorting through this mess..

TT did falsify documents and seems to have initiated the $40 camping implement strategy..bad move.

As said before in any manner of resolution TT would lose, it is incumbant on him as the seller to retain proof of what was shipped ,how and with a receipt.
I would think such a reciept with weight listed, that could be reasonably compared to a boxed filled with packing materials and a knife would prove that the item was shipped.. He has not done this.

Krom using logic would also not be wasting time and his patince posting all this crap if he recieved the knife, he could easily sell it in russia for twice what he paid.

So using critical thinking skills I would have to say absent proof that it was shipped, TT has learned an expensive lesson, and he should make Krom whole by either refunding the price, or providing a receipt proof of shipment.

and to those that ask if lying on customs forms is bad ,, if they catch you it is.
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Apr 21, 2005
If there's any good to come out of this, it's that many will learn a valuable lesson in best practices when shipping, and not just international. IMO, if international is done properly, as many have described here, these kinds of situations can be completely avoided (not to say packages won't occasionally get lost).

Anyway, on to constructive input. Had a similar situation: First-Class, uninsured package to Serbia not delivered after seven weeks. The differences: I hand-delivered to post office (invaluable advice given by others here in that regard). That ensured the customs form was scanned and printed on my receipt. Unless I'm a crafty thief, having a receipt containing date, weight, destination country and customs number is de facto evidence that I did indeed ship the package. Quick aside: for international shipments, I always take photo of package, with address label showing, and provide to buyer. Doesn't prove anything, but along with the aforementioned receipt, provides buyer with a little more peace of mind that being handled properly.

With the presumably lost shipment to Serbia, I'm feeling badly even though did everything right. I input customs number online as starting point. It's showing "no record." WTF!? I go to post office where I shipped, with customs form and receipt in hand. Clerk tells me after 45-days, the records are taken off-line ... archived. So, what can I do now I ask. She gives me toll-free number (1-800-222-1811) to investigate further. I call. At first, a recorded message instructs me to input customs number. Expectedly, tells me no record. Punch the keys to get a live person. Helpful lady. Says can have the record restored for online viewing (takes a couple of hours to implement). Three hours later, using customs number, I'm able to view tracking from Phoenix to Los Angeles (who knows why it went west, when destination was Europe). Interesting aside: according to the online record, it took two weeks for the package to travel Phoenix-to-Los Angeles. And strangely, the package was delivered in Serbia a few days after my online query using the customs number. Hmmm.

My point ... if the customs number is accurate (after correcting that last alpha-character to "S"), the record can be restored for viewing. Might not help to track down the knife, but it will answer that one fundamental question: Was the knife actually shipped to Russia?


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Jan 10, 2009
This far post has been unable to track package. The previous post stated they were able to restore info. That is good news for me and potentially buyer. Though not insured it will prove shipment hopefully. Still unsure if I mistyped customs number to begin with but this is something positive for me in this recent flurry of negativity on me that has cost a few nights of sleep.
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Mar 21, 2005
I fell compelled to ask what else has been going on towards a resolution of this situation in the two weeks since you last addressed this thread. Maybe trying the approach xbanker talked about in your own case will help you but if not then is there something else on deck to get past the roadblock we seemed to be at before?
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